Small Firms Cannot Fund War on Pirates

Regarding "U.S. Taking Hard Line on Counterfeiters" (April 8), I am pleased that the government is at last taking steps to solve this serious problem. Our firm, Diener Industries, a manufacturer and designer of novelty and custom erasers, continually comes across bogus copies of our exclusive designs manufactured by firms in the Far East and marketed at reduced prices here and around the world as our originals. We do whatever we can to fight this unfair and illegal competition, but it is far too costly for a small firm that lacks the resources of major corporations.

Such design thefts by companies are widespread and, unfortunately, small manufacturers are just not equipped to fight international legal battles. Only our government can effectively block or reduce the import-export of bogus products through tougher legislation and hard-nosed negotiations with our so-called trade partners.


President, Diener Industries


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