European, U.S. Reaction to Raid on Libya

Most people in Britain are horrified to hear the news of the American bombing of Libya and are appalled that our prime minister has supported such action.

We are dismayed that President Reagan can take us closer to the brink of a third World War with such smoothly spoken banalities and a complete twisting of the United Nations Charter. We would like to see an American President behaving like a wise statesman of the world rather that a ghetto adolescent needing to prove his virility.

Terrorism can only be dealt with by preventive measures and by funding political solutions that deal with its root causes--in this case Palestine. Violence on this scale can only escalate and lead to further loss of lives in the Middle East and throughout the world.

We are powerless to influence the U.S. Administration but appeal to Americans to press for policies of peace and diplomacy in American foreign affairs.


London, England

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