European, U.S. Reaction to Raid on Libya

While I tend to agree with the majority of the public against Kadafi’s terrorist activities, I do not approve of the Reagan Administration’s tactics in solving this problem. The bombing of Libya was a childish act of retaliation on the part of the United States. In bombing Libya, the United States has lowered itself to Kadafi’s level.

Although terrorism needs to be stopped, bombing Libya is not the answer. What is the difference between Kadafi’s bomb and Reagan’s bombs? Both endanger innocent lives. How can Reagan condemn activities that he engages in?

It can be expected that Kadafi will respond with more terrorist activities. Then the United States will bomb Libya. Libya will bomb the United States. The United States will bomb Libya. When will the vicious cycle end?

The U.S. bombing may result in possible conflicts with other nations. The Soviet Union or other Libyan allies may decide to intervene on the side of Kadafi. The United States has also left itself open for the blame of future Libyan bombings.


I feel that the Reagan Administration made a grave mistake in bombing Libya. The United States had hoped to put an end to terrorist activities, but has it not created an even greater problem?