San Diego

Despite declining student enrollment and a $600,000 budget deficit, the San Diego Community College board decided late Wednesday against cutting any courses and voted to allocate $300,000 to partially offset a projected deficit next year of $900,000, a school official said.

The board didn’t indicate at the meeting where the $300,000 would come from, but, “They will not be cutting classes and that’s the important thing,” said Barry Garron, a district information officer.

In a related decision at the Wednesday night meeting, the board voted to allocate $30,000 of its lottery income to conduct a market survey investigating why college enrollments are declining and what courses would attract more students to the campus, Garron said.


“Part of the research would determine the kinds of programs people in the area would like to see offered at the college,” he said.

Garron said the board is hopeful that the market study will be completed by the fall semester.