Sellers’ Kin Admits Guilt in Drug Case

United Press International

The actress daughter of Britt Ekland and the late Peter Sellers secretly pleaded guilty to a cocaine-related charge and will admit in testimony against an alleged co-conspirator that she stole $80,000 from a rival drug dealer, prosecutors disclosed Wednesday.

Victoria Sellers, 23, entered a guilty plea April 5 to concealing her knowledge about the cocaine ring, which allegedly tried to establish a sales network in New Jersey, prosecutors said.

In return for Sellers’ plea and her pledge to tell authorities all she knows about the violent Hollywood drug ring of which she was a member, the government agreed to dismiss charges that she lured a rival cocaine dealer to a meeting in California.


During that meeting, Sellers’ live-in boyfriend and manager--the alleged leader of the strong-arm operation--beat the unnamed seller and demanded drugs and money, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors have claimed the ring also used burglary, threats and violence, including at least one killing, as tools to collect debts and obtain some of the drugs it sold.

Assistant U.S. Atty. Judy Russell described Sellers as “the least involved member of the group.” “She will tell you she stole $80,000 from a drug dealer,” Russell told jurors Wednesday in opening statements in the trial of a Hollywood man charged with being an enforcer for the drug ring.

Sellers and five others were charged March 12. Sellers is scheduled to testify Monday in the trial of one of the co-defendants, Curtis Hunt, 25, who is charged with conspiring to deal cocaine.

A federal judge Wednesday unsealed Sellers’ plea agreement, in which the Los Angeles district attorney’s office agreed not to file charges against Sellers for participation in the alleged assault or for possession or selling of drugs in Los Angeles County.

The concealment of a felony charge to which Sellers admitted carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison. The original charges had carried a 20-year maximum term. No sentencing date has been set.

Russell said Sellers’ boyfriend, Reed Wallace, 30, also of Hollywood, has also entered a plea agreement and will testify Tuesday in the Hunt trial.