Proposition 43: Parks Bond Issue

I want to compliment The Times for its editorial (May 20), “Green for Parks: Yes on 43.” It is about time that something be done to help the dying California park system. Proposition 43 is just the boost that the park system needs.

The revenue that Proposition 43 will provide ($100 million) will dramatically improve the condition of our parks. If any of you have been to a public park recently, especially the state parks, you will know exactly what I am talking about. The California parks, at one time, complemented California’s natural beauty, thus promoting tourism, which is a major industry in California. At present, though, all the parks are accomplishing is to be an eyesore on the natural beauty of the state.

The increased tourism brought about by renovating the parks would more than likely pay for the cost of the bond through an increase in revenues, not to mention what it will do for the economy of the tourist towns, such as Pismo Beach, that rely heavily on the state parks to bring in tourism.

Proposition 43 is not a long-term solution to the problems of our parks. However, without it our parks will continue to deteriorate. Thus, causing our parks to be less self-supportive and more costly to renovate, possibly to the point where some of them may start to close down.