'The System Still Works'

I applaud your editorial (June 5), "The System Still Works," regarding the selections made and the possibilities presented (candidates willing) that the November elections hold for California and the nation at large.

But I do not agree with what seemed to me to be a tacit approval of voter apathy. True, there were individual offices that had little or no challenges to defend against. True, Proposition 51 was as confusing an issue as has ever been on a statewide ballot. It is easily understood how frustration could develop in trying to sort out the relevant facts.

But there were items on the agenda that do and will affect all of us for some years to come. I am not so naive as to think that a 100% voter turnout will ever be the norm. That is impossible. I do think, however, that regardless of the makeup of the candidates, that regardless of the difficulty of issues, that regardless of complacency, each one of us must exercise the privilege we have been granted as citizens. We all must vote no matter how simple or complex our choices appear to be.

It is not good enough to sit back and have the experts interpret our lack of interest as an indicator that we are "generally pleased with the way things are going." Things never remain the same, and if we are going to safeguard what we are pleased with then we had better vote on all matters that are put forth to us. This is the only way to make sure the system will always work.


Los Angeles

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