Whittier : Cities to Link Bus Lines

The cities of Whittier and La Mirada have agreed to link their local bus systems beginning July 1.

The major obstacle to an agreement has been geographic. Because a small strip of unincorporated land separates the two cities, they do not share a common border. Until now, officials in each city have been reluctant to run buses outside city limits. However, the growing demand among bus riders to travel between the two cities led to a compromise.

Beginning next month, bus riders will be able to transfer between systems at the corner of Leffingwell Road and Santa Gertrudes Avenue. Whittier Transit, a fixed-route bus line, has added the stop at the Leffingwell-Santa Gertrudes intersection in south Whittier while La Mirada's Dial-A-Ride will drive outside the city to reach the transfer point.

For riders going from the Whittier to La Mirada system there will be a 25-cent transfer charge, while those going from La Mirada to Whittier will be charged an additional 10 cents.

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