Austrian Vote for Waldheim

Isn't it curious that the U.S. and world media wolves are unrelenting in their savaging of Kurt Waldheim. If anyone could be said to be rehabilitated for any real or imagined crimes, it would be Kurt Waldheim and Austria, too, for that matter.

On the other hand, seemingly totally forgiven and forgotten are the Japanese, who waged the most savage war since Genghis Khan, complete with death marches, death camps, and massacres. For example, when the Japanese army entered Nanking, an undefended city, they butchered 400,000 noncombatants and before they were through with their invasion they caused the deaths of 10 million other Chinese. Is it possible that all Japanese war criminals have been brought to justice?

Whereas the Austrians and Germans have been model trade partners, the Japanese have been waging a vicious, although seemingly unrecognized, trade war against the United States. They are very happy to sell their products to us, but they find every excuse not to buy our products, even when ours are clearly superior to anything they produce.



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