United Way: 'Need Goes On'

On behalf of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Advisory Board of the Salvation Army, I am writing to express our deep concern over the possible consequences of publicity surrounding the revelations concerning certain activities of United Way staff.

Our deep concern is that the United Way system of soliciting contributions will be adversely affected and, subsequently, the 350 Greater Los Angeles charitable agencies receiving United Way support seriously restricted in terms of delivery of services. If the United Way's ability to raise funds for these charities is damaged, then these agencies and the hundreds of thousands they serve throughout the year will be seriously impacted.

We compliment The Times for the editorial (June 10), "Being Too Charitable," believing that this commentary provides the balance that news articles in The Times have lacked.

The Salvation Army's Metropolitan Advisory Board, representing 31 programs in Los Angeles County, urges you to encourage public support of giving through the United Way, thus providing the necessary funding for worthy charities serving the needs of people.

We strongly support the actions being taken by the United Way board of directors and believe that they and the Blue Ribbon Committee will quickly put matters right to the satisfaction of all concerned.


Chairman, Los Angeles

Metropolitan Advisory Board

The Salvation Army

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