Cudahy : City Moves to Obtain Land

The Redevelopment Agency Monday began eminent domain proceedings against the property of 12 owners, including a blind man and a church, which the agency says is necessary for construction of a $13-million shopping center at Florence and Atlantic avenues.

The agency voted to begin proceedings for the majority of the 7.7 acres known as Parcel A, with the exception of one parcel of land owned by a water company. The agency scheduled an Aug. 4 hearing on the property owned by the Tract 180 Water Co.

Attorney Jerrold A. Fadem ,who is representing four property owners, including Ted Burkett, a blind man, Bell Church of Christ, and Boys Market, who have said they do not want to sell, said he will recommend that his clients file a lawsuit. Burkett owns a house and used-car business on one corner of the site. The Bell Church of God, with about 300 worshipers, is nearby.

Before the agency voted to start eminent domain proceedings, Fadem, arguing on behalf of his clients, said the project was not in the public interest and would disrupt the community, add traffic congestion and more noise and air pollution.

For the past two years, the agency has planned for an 83,000-square-foot complex of shops and restaurants, anchored by a supermarket to be operated by an affiliate of Vons grocery stores.

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