GIRL TALK: Give I.R.S. Records credit. The...

GIRL TALK: Give I.R.S. Records credit. The company's publicity wizards came up with a foolproof method of drawing some special attention to the label's all-woman band, American Girls. They printed all of the songstresses' home phone numbers on the back sleeve of their new single, "American Girls." We have a sneaky suspicion that the numbers really aren't home phones, especially since every time we called we got an answering machine. But it's the thought that counts--and we couldn't resist rating their messages. Here's a summary:

Hilary Shepard: the comic of the group. Hilary seems very intrigued by your call until a pal stops by and tips her off to a sale at Bloomingdale's. Her reaction is immediate: "Where's my credit card?"

DB Tressler: DB is busy chanting her mantras, explaining: "Ya know, world peace is a full-time job."

Miiko Watanabe: Miiko would prefer that you not drop by the house--she can be found at the Cat & Fiddle during the afternoons, the Soundcheck Bar on Sunday night.

Brie Howard: Brie was so hungry that she couldn't wait for your call. It's always a delight listening to someone recording a message while chomping on a slice of pizza.

Teresa James: the gourmet of the group. Her secret recipe: "You take a chicken and you kill it and you put it in a skillet."

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