Reagan Policy in South Africa

One can easily see the effectiveness of the communist propaganda machine in influencing the thoughts and actions of large numbers of gullible Americans, when even Gov. George Deukmejian got on the bandwagon with Mayor Tom Bradley, the U.S. Congress and Bishop Tutu to help the communist takeover of the government of South Africa.

By supposedly opposing apartheid, but in reality aiding the black radicals to form a dictatorship controlled by the Marxist African National Congress, the resulting divestiture of investments in South Africa will mostly hurt those it is supposed to help. Common sense indicates that the poorer blacks and the neighboring black nations will be hurt the most. As in Rhodesia, this policy of overthrowing the whites in power will cause the blacks to go from the highest standard of living in Africa to the lowest.

It seems that Reagan is the only politician who will openly oppose this interference into the internal affairs of another nation. Why is it that the do-gooders take a completely opposite stance regarding Nicaragua?


San Marcos

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