Transcript Lists Final Remarks of Shuttle Crew

Associated Press

Here, from the moment of liftoff, are the remarks heard on the Challenger tape:

Liftoff: Resnik--"Aaall riiight."

1 second: Smith--"Here we go."

7 seconds: Scobee--"Houston, Challenger roll program." (Normal initiation of vehicle roll.)

11 seconds: Smith--"Go, you mother."

14 seconds: Resnik--"LVLH." (Reminder for a cockpit switch change, local vertical-local horizontal.)

15 seconds: Resnik--"(Expletive) hot."

16 seconds: Scobee--"Ooohh kaaay."

19 seconds: Smith--"Looks like we've got a lot of wind here today."

20 seconds: Scobee--"Yeah."

22 seconds: Scobee--"It's a little hard to see out my window here."

28 seconds: Smith--"There's 10,000 and mach-point-5." (Half the speed of sound.)

30 seconds: Garble

35 seconds: Scobee--"Point-nine." (Routine velocity report at 0.9 mach.)

40 seconds: Smith--"There's mach 1."

41 seconds: Scobee--"Going through 19,000." (Feet.)

43 seconds: Scobee--"OK, we're throttling down." (Normal thrust reduction.)

57 seconds: Scobee--"Throttling up." (Normal throttle increase to 104% of engine thrust.)

58 seconds: Smith--"Throttle up."

59 seconds: Scobee--"Roger."

60 seconds: Smith--"Feel that mother go."

60 seconds: Unidentified--"Woooooo hooooo."

62 seconds: Smith--"Thirty-five thousand going through one-point-five." (Altitude of 35,000 feet and speed of 1.5 mach.)

65 seconds: Scobee--"Reading 486 on mine." (Routine air speed check.)

67 seconds: Smith--"Yep, that's what I've got too."

70 seconds: Scobee--"Roger, go at throttle up."

73 seconds: Smith--"Uh-oh."

73 seconds: Loss of all data.

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