Israel May Delay War Crimes Indictment

From Reuters

An indictment against former Cleveland auto worker John Demjanjuk for Nazi war crimes could be delayed for six more weeks until investigators finish examining new evidence, justice officials said Monday.

Charges against Demjanjuk, 65, had been expected next week when his current detention order expired, but Atty. Gen. Yitzhak Harish asked the Supreme Court on Monday to extend the order until Oct. 1, the officials said.

Harish told the court that investigators need the time to study new material in the case, which focused on allegations that Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk was a brutal guard known as "Ivan the Terrible" at Treblinka death camp during World War II.

Demjanjuk says he is a victim of mistaken identity. He was extradited from the United States six months ago and could be executed if convicted of war crimes that include the murder of 900,000 Jews.

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