The lesson for today is that sincerity...


The lesson for today is that sincerity and dedication do not guarantee the creation of significant art.

The A.R.T./Beasley Gallery in Old Town (2802 Juan St.) is exhibiting a large number of works by San Diego-based artist Tom Frankovich.

“My work involves unfolding of full creative potential made practical and objective,” he states. “My work strives to reveal the intimacy of the relationship between man’s spiritual nature and his environment and explores the necessity of making that relationship increasingly harmonious. The purpose is to motivate the viewer to see beyond the literal recognition of images and perceive the inner essence of the work.”


Typically he paints loose, irregular, cloud-like forms over a full palette of hard-edged bands of color made of pieces of tape on solid black or black and gray fields.

Supported by deep stretcher bars, the paintings advance into the viewer’s space like wall-oriented sculptures.

At their best, Frankovich’s paintings convey a sense of movement through space. But they are like rockets that misfire.

Frankovich’s works have an idiosyncratic look. They are identifiably his. But there is a regrettable sameness to them that is acknowledged, albeit inadvertently, I suspect, in the availability for sale of separate components of multipartite or grouped works, such as the appallingly named “Fruit Salad Sonata.” If they are not necessarily related, then why exhibit them as if they were?

The “Fruit Salad Sonata” would seem to epitomize the artist’s ambition to compose his art “with movements, harmonies and dissidents (sic).”

The exhibition continues through Oct. 2.

Mitchell Bright is exhibiting works in a variety of media at The Art Site Inc. (921 E St.). The self-taught artist, who has been painting since childhood, uses realistic imagery from nature--birds, deer, trees, mountains--but composes his landscapes in his imagination.


The exhibition continues through Sept. 27.

Phenomneon, which offered exhibitions of neon art next door (917 E St.), has closed.

Artplex Gallery (903 K St.) is showing tapestries and fashion weavings by Maria Solaris, whose extraordinary variety evinces the lack of a mature artistic vision.

The paintings on paper by Glen Neff in the same gallery offer some interest of an art-school character. His figurative sculptures are mammoth and forgettable--as fast as possible.

The exhibition continues through Sept. 27.

Spectrum Gallery (744 G St.) is exhibiting the works of Ann Reilly Silber, entitled as a group “In Search of Self.” The variety of styles that the artist uses in her works, mostly landscapes, explains the title.

The exhibition continues through Oct. 4.