'Fed Up With Weak Whimpers'

Wow! So Huggins is fed up with "weak whimpers" regarding the Central American policy. So we have "gutless politicians." But let me add that probably President Reagan would probably not be in the front lines of combat. More likely he would be directing operations from the Hollywood studios and filming propaganda.

My, my! So Nicaragua would fall in three months. Then next Cuba! Why not Mexico also? And include all of Central America? And might as well take back the Panama Canal and then push on and take on all of South America while we are at it.

Just what would the purpose of all of this be? Perhaps to prove to the world that we could rule the Western Hemisphere! Oh, yes, I forgot Canada. We might as well take it also to prove that we are not weak-livered.

Sorry, but I have to disappoint the world and Huggins. He can go fight these battles. I am getting too old and will sit at home and garden. And I do hope it is a "Victory Garden," as I missed out on that in World War II.


Los Angeles

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