Reputed Chicago Drug Kingpin Slain in His Car

Associated Press

A reputed drug kingpin who gained national attention when he buried his slain son in a Cadillac-shaped coffin two years ago was shot to death Tuesday as he sat in his own Cadillac on the city's South Side.

Willie (Flukey) Stokes had become a legend on Chicago's streets with his silk suits and diamond rings. But authorities said that that flamboyant life style also made him an easy target.

"A person of this visibility is tempting not only to the person that wants to just rip him off for the money, but maybe people he went sour on with deals," said Patrick Healy, director of the Chicago Crime Commission.

Driver Also Killed

Stokes, 49, was killed by a shotgun blast to the head as he sat in the passenger seat of his car, police said. His driver, Ronald Johnson, 48, also was killed.

Sgt. Richard O'Connell said the killing may have resulted from a dispute with another drug-dealing organization. Police said they wanted to question a man Stokes reportedly had wanted killed.

Stokes' son, Willie (The Wimp) Stokes Jr., also died from a shot in the head. At his 1984 funeral, attended by more than 5,000 guests, mourning relatives placed $1,000 bills between his fingers.

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