“Gung Ho” the theatrical movie at least starred the gifted Michael Keaton. “Gung Ho” the ABC sitcom, premiering at 9:30 tonight on Channels 7, 3 and 10, has a few amusing moments, but is largely giftless, offering too many Chinese Charlie Chanisms (“Welcome to our humble home”) as substitutes for comedy about Japanese.

A culture clash results tonight when a Japanese manufacturer reopens an American auto plant. The American workers rebel when Kaz, the Japanese plant manager, enforces seemingly senseless rules dictated by his Assan Motors boss in Japan.

Scott Bakula stars as Hunt, the American liaison worker who puts his own job on the line in defense of his fellow workers. But the premiere’s few highlights belong to Gedde Watanabe, reprising his role as Kaz from the movie.

You watch this half hour waiting for something to happen, but it never does. It needs less “gung” and more “ho.”

Welcome to our humble sitcom.