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"Dynasty" star Joan Collins' fourth husband, Swedish film entrepreneur Peter Holm, was so abusive that she lived in fear, had heart palpitations and could not concentrate on her work, court papers revealed Friday.

In a sworn declaration filed in Superior Court as part of her divorce action against Holm, Collins also said more than $1 million was "unaccounted for" from the bank accounts Holm has been managing for her.

The actress, who plays the conniving Alexis Colby on ABC's "Dynasty," married Holm in Las Vegas Nov. 6, 1985. She now seeks an annulment due to fraud, but her declaration shed little light on the fraud allegation. A hearing is set for Dec. 26.

Collins described a series of recent incidents that portray Holm as violent and threatening. She said he twisted her arm painfully, screamed at her, "stalked" her and prevented her from leaving her house, telling her he was "taking over."

"If you divorce me, you'll see what will happen to you," Collins quoted Holm as saying.

The actress said Holm also attacked her 14-year-old daughter's nanny, screaming profanities at her and "throwing her about." The woman was so terrified that she quit her job, Collins said.

Several weeks ago, Collins said Holm yelled at her step-son, Robert Kass, and ordered him out of the house, accusing him of taking his parking place.

Holm could not be reached to respond to the allegations.

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