Analysis of the Hair to Study Mineral Content

Question: I am going to a nutritionist who wants me to have a hair analysis because he feels that I am deficient in many minerals. Is the analysis worth it?

Answer: Some good research laboratories can do excellent work in analyzing hair. But it usually takes several different samples of hair. If you are deficient in minerals, a good hospital or medical lab has many tests that your doctor can order and these are reliable.

Q: How much coffee do you have to take to sober you up enough to drive?


A: Even though coffee has been touted for years as an aid in inducing sobriety, it just ain’t so. One has to wait until the alcohol is metabolized by the liver before the effects of alcohol wear off.

Q: I have herpes, and the doctor has told me that there is little he can do for this horrible disease, which I received from my boyfriend. Do you know anything that will help ease these attacks?

A: I suggest that you and your boyfriend visit the doctor together and request a prescription for each of you for oral acyclovir.

Q: You recently had an article in your column about drugs for angina, but you neglected to mention Nitrolingual. I would like your opinion of this drug, which has been prescribed for me.

A: I regret I omitted Nitrolingual. It is a spray that delivers nitroglycerin onto or under the tongue. Some people who have to take nitroglycerin may find the spray easier to use than the bottle of tablets, which has to be opened and a tablet taken when one feels an angina attack coming on.

Q: I take antacids daily to prevent recurrence of an ulcer. Recently the doctor prescribed Inderal for my high blood pressure. Will taking the antacids interfere with this drug?

A: Yes, talk to your doctor. A higher dosage of Inderal may be required.