Words of Wisdom

The piece by Elizabeth Mehren on Erik and Joan Erikson is chock full of words of wisdom ("Addressing the Challenge of Aging; Octogenarians Share a Lifelong Passion for Education," Dec. 21). It immediately reminded me of a contemporary of theirs, Corliss Lamont, who also has a Harvard connection, and is still going strong.

Noted as a writer and educator, he is a humanist philosopher who is also an activist for civil liberties and international peace. Dr. Lamont's pamphlet, entitled "Steadfast Activist at 84," is available for a pittance from Basic Pamphlets, Box 42, New York, N.Y. 10025 (50 cents a copy); bulk orders start at $1 for three copies).

Creative minds like the Eriksons and Dr. Lamont make a mockery out of aging. They keep on doing their own thing with enjoyment and renewed vigor, despite advancing years. Another Harvard man--philosopher George Santayana--once proclaimed: "I was old when I was young and now that I am old, I am young." Right on!


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