Personal Predictions

Betty Cuniberti's wonderful article, "The Top Forecasts for '87 and Beyond" (Dec. 15), brought memories of my own findings:

People will not be taking baths together, but they will usher their guests into their Japanese-type bathrooms as their conversation and gathering room. Prisoners will not be shot to other planets, but their attorneys will. In fact, there will be such a labor shortage that convicts will be pressed into robot repairs--not hidden away.

Robots will not take the place of McDonald's workers. People need people. That is why the Automat didn't make it in New York City. Cars and homes will be automated but streets will not be, and so traffic will Manhattanize until the people give up their suits of armor and share public transportation.

Santa Barbara to Tijuana will be a super-megalopolis as people live vertically, not horizontally--working, shopping and living in the same mixed-use developments.


La Jolla

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