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The Richard Pryor comedy "Critical Condition" barely edged out Oliver Stone's Vietnam film "Platoon" in the weekend box office standings, according to figures compiled by Exhibitor Relations Co. "Condition" took the narrow lead despite being shown in more than six times as many theaters as "Platoon." The Pryor comedy grossed $3.3 million in 1,343 theaters while "Platoon," playing on only 214 screens, took in $3.2 million. "Platoon" was the only film not severely affected by bad weather and the televising of Sunday's Super Bowl game. Business was down more than 50% for some of the top films. Other leading films were: "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" ($2.6 million), "Crocodile Dundee" ($2.56 million), "Golden Child" ($2.54 million) and "Little Shop of Horrors" ($2.1 million).

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