The House : Homeless Aid

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By a 296-76 vote, the House passed and sent to the Senate legislation (HJ Res. 102) to provide an additional $50 million this winter in emergency aid for the homeless. The money was taken from a disaster relief account within the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It will fund food and shelter programs run by private organizations such as the United Way and American Red Cross.

Supporter Bruce F. Vento (D-Minn.) said: “Literally within blocks of this Capitol building, the homeless are huddled for warmth on heating grates and in doorways. Across the nation emergency shelters are filled beyond capacity.”

Opponent Robert H. Michel (R-Ill.) said, “No one can quarrel with the need to assist the homeless,” but he added that state treasuries, which have surpluses, are in a better position to help than the deficit-ridden U.S. Treasury.


Members voting yes supported the legislation.

How They Voted Yea Nay No vote Rep. Badham (R) x Rep. Dannemeyer (R) x Rep. Dornan (R) x Rep. Lungren (R) x Rep. Packard (R) x