East County

Bail was halved Wednesday for an El Cajon woman charged with having 23 sexual encounters with a boy, beginning when he was 11. The boy is now 14.

However, the attorney for Carol Swenson, 23, said there was "no way" she could post the new bail of $250,000. Bail had been $500,000. "It's still too high," attorney Ben Sanchez Jr. said. "She'll probably remain in custody."

San Diego Superior Court Judge Wayne Peterson rejected a request to reduce the $500,000 bail for Clifford Neal Wimberly, 36, of Santee, the boy's father. Wimberly is accused of arranging the sexual encounters between his son and Swenson and giving marijuana and methamphetamine to the boy.

Wimberly's wife, Victoria, 35, made an appeal to the judge to reduce her husband's bail, testifying about financial hardships the family is undergoing.

Attorney Robert Slatten said a job is awaiting Wimberly if he is released.

"The family's really hurting because he's in custody," Slatten said.

Victoria Wimberly and her two children are living with her parents in Las Vegas.

A trial date of April 20 was set last week.

The boy testified Jan. 21 that the sexual activities with Swenson occurred once a month since he was 11 and his father occasionally took photographs.

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