Assembly Floor Action:Black Americans: Granted final legislative...

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<i> Compiled by Jerry Gillam, Times staff writer </i>

Assembly Floor Action:

Black Americans: Granted final legislative approval by voice vote to a resolution (SCR 20) by Sen. Diane Watson (D-Los Angeles) designating February as Black American History Month.

Women: Passed and sent to the Senate on a 64-0 vote a resolution (ACR 23) by Assemblywoman Bev Hansen (R-Napa) designating March as Women’s History Month. Bill Introductions:

AIDS: AB 806 by Assemblyman Richard Floyd (D-Hawthorne) would require the director of the state Department of Corrections to permit a University of California AIDS research team to use the prison population for a voluntary inmate testing program.


Marshals: AB 724 by Assemblyman Curtis Tucker (D-Inglewood) would provide for salary increases for deputy marshals in the Los Angeles Municipal Court. Senate Floor Action:

Athletic Commisssion: Confirmed by a 32-0 vote the gubernatorial appointment of former Los Angeles Rams’ football player Roosevelt Grier to the state Athletic Commission. Committee Action:

AIDS: The Senate Appropriations Committee approved a bill (SB 136) by Sen. Gary K. Hart (D-Santa Barbara) to require an AIDS prevention videotape or film to be shown to all junior and senior high school students. A 6-0 vote sent the bill to the Senate floor. Miscellany

Appointment: Gov. George Deukmejian has appointed Brig. Gen. Robert C. Thrasher, 50, as acting adjutant general of the California National Guard. Thrasher replaces Adjutant General Willard Shank.