Co-Ed Princeton Nods to Women in 'Old Nassau'

Associated Press

The refrain of Princeton University's alma mater, "Old Nassau," will be changed to eliminate masculine references in the song, the Ivy League school says.

" 'Old Nassau' was written to be inclusive for the Princeton of its day," university President William G. Bowen said. "These changes in lyrics allow it to be more inclusive for today's Princeton."

Princeton first admitted women in 1969.

Since 1859, the refrain of the alma mater has been: "In praise of Old Nassau, my boys, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! Her sons will give while they shall live, three cheers for Old Nassau."

According to Bowen, the new refrain will be: "In praise of Old Nassau, we sing, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! Our hearts will give, while we shall live, three cheers for Old Nassau."

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