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Toyotas and pickup trucks were the most popular targets of auto thieves last year in Los Angeles County, which accounted for nearly half the car thefts in the state, the California Highway Patrol reported. In all, 103,683 vehicles were stolen in Los Angeles County in 1986. That figure represents 49.8% of the statewide total and a 14% increase over 1985. Of the more than 71,000 cars stolen, 1983 Toyota Celicas and GTs headed the list, CHP Lt. Don Henderson said. Roughly 800 of that make of car and year were stolen, he said. Toyotas of all makes and years accounted for 21 of the 40 cars most commonly stolen, and foreign cars accounted for 35 of the top 40 makes, Henderson said. The rate of thefts of pickup trucks last year increased by 34% over 1985, he said. In that category, both 1985 and 1986 Toyota pickups were the most popular targets.

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