Reaction to Heidt Estates Article

I am a resident of Horace Heidt Estate, and have been for many years. I am simply appalled, as our tenants are, over the humiliating article in your paper.

It is my feeling that you sent a boy here to do a man's job. His misquotes are too humorous to mention. It is a shame that the young people today do not have more respect for senior citizens than they do.

Also, he criticized the condition of this property: lawns, woodwork, etc. We who live here are very proud of our home here, as we are like one big family--young and elderly. I told him that Mr. Heidt has always been very fair with the rents. But who on earth could have told this young boy that a two-bedroom apartment is only $400?

Really, senior citizens should not be treated as yesterday's newspaper, whether or not they made it to the top!


Sherman Oaks

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