OCTD Call for Art for Buses

The Orange County Transit District "calls for entries." The OCTD's gallery will be the side of its buses. Art on a bus? That's crazy. Dangerous too, on the boarding side of the bus. It is disrespectful treatment of fine art--to be caught up in the busy traffic of the street.

It is questionable if the pictures could be really called art, even though OCTD has chosen many qualified judges. Philosophically, art should not be in motion (except mobiles). One does not run through a museum. Great art is spiritual--like being in church. Gauguin, on looking at Van Gogh's painting, said "Van Gogh, you paint too fast." To which Van Gogh replied, "You look too fast."

Great art takes one out of oneself, like quiet meditation (some hospitals use art to comfort the sick). It is a road to healing, to deep relaxation.

Now, in our new music hall in Costa Mesa we are learning to listen in the right pauses (instead of clapping) to make the music more beautiful. So, too, is silence true in the visual arts.



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