Kenyan Pleads for Imprisoned Python; Bad Omen Seen

From Reuters

A Kenyan member of Parliament has asked the government to return a 16-foot python called Omweri to his constituency or take the blame if this year’s harvest is a failure.

Ojwang K’Ombudo told Parliament on Wednesday that Omweri’s presence was a good omen and the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife had ruined the luck of his constituents in the western district of Nyakach by taking the snake away to Nairobi.

The Nyakach water supply and a local road have had serious problems since Omweri was incarcerated in an animal orphanage in the capital, he said.


“The last time Omweri visited Nyakach, we had the greatest harvest, and if we have a mean harvest this time, the blame will go to the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife,” he added.