Humiliation Is the Cure


Regarding “We Have All Been Robbed by Deceit of 3 ‘Geniuses,’ ” (Viewpoints, March 1):

As the courts and legal system are so lenient on so-called first-time offenders such as Dennis B. Levine, Martin A. Siegel and Ivan F. Boesky--even though millions of dollars have been stolen and all our lives affected by their illegal activities--may I suggest an appropriate punishment in the form of public humiliation? That is clearly the only thing these men fear--public exposure of venal, low crimes. Perhaps they should be caravaned around the United States, particularly to the towns where industry has been most hurt and where the most lives have been destroyed by their illegal schemes, and put on public display.

Getting a chance to openly ridicule them would be a release for those of us who have watched our dreams deteriorate as they stole more money than it is possible to spend in a lifetime. It would be so much less expensive than a jail term for which we, the citizens, must pay, and a refreshing reminder that white-collar crimes are as intolerable as any other kind of crime.


Redondo Beach