Kicking Around KickDog Issue

We are writing in response to Lana Yurman and her dog French Frye (Feb. 22) and to other concerned animal lovers on behalf of my friend KickDog.

KickDog is outraged that Lana and certain Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals officials could be so irresponsible as to attack him without ever having met him. If they had taken the time to meet KickDog before condemning him, they would have seen the many positive messages KickDog is trying to deliver.

The primary one is that we should all learn to take out our frustrations on an inanimate object rather than on each other, and secondly, that the stress we create for ourselves from nothing isn't worth the price. KickDog is truly a hero in this stressed society.

Yes, Lana, we agree that children do often imitate their parents' actions. That is why we are confident that the children of KickDog owners will show the same intelligent and fun-loving ability to look at life's lighter side as do their parents, instead of growing up criticizing and mocking those things that bring happiness to others.

KickDog is very tired of hearing the argument that children will kick real dogs if they see their parents kicking KickDog. KickDog wants parents to teach their children instead of blaming every bad thing that kids do on outside influences; let's face it, bad kids come from bad parents.



The Murfdog Co.,

Creators of KickDog

El Toro

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