Joshua Tree Inn

Having read the Grimms' article on Joshua Tree, the following week my wife and I traveled to view the wonders of this national monument. The article expertly described the beauty of the region, orientation guidelines, national park regulations and the many, fascinating nature experiences. As the article suggested, I phoned the 29 Palms Inn543256164accommodations at $42 per night; the clerk laughed and said, "You must have read The Times article. We have no deluxe rooms--they are all bungalows."

We reserved the best of the pick, which was clean but primitive. It had a queen-size water bed, but it had not been filled since its conception, a wall heater made loud banging noises all through the night, and the shower only dispersed hot water. I asked for a bungalow change. The next night was a more peaceful one.

Best of all, the restaurant was "excellent" and fairly priced. Nevertheless, the owners should spend a few bucks and bring the vintage bungalows and grounds up to a comfortable standard.



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