Better Health Care

Congratulations to Robert Lekachman on his insightful column ("U.S.' Ailing Public Health System," March 3) on our nation's medical tragedy. While enormous and unjustifiable fees and profits flow into the coffers of doctors, insurance firms, drug companies, privately owned hospitals and health-test labs, the average American is receiving worse service.

Moreover, the situation continues to deteriorate, with corporate and investor greed resulting in widespread cutting of health benefits in many corporations, with the Deukmejian and Reagan administrations "selling out" to polluters and pesticide companies and with doctors enriching themselves with unnecessary surgery.

It's time for legislation that results in reasonably priced health care (registered nurses can perform routine health examinations at less than half the cost of doctors, and in many cases do them better), in no-fault insurance and in corporate and government emphasis on "preventive maintenance" (i.e., fitness through nutrition and exercise rather than surgery, drug therapy, etc.).


Beverly Hills

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