Using Dried Onion and Garlic : Some Cooking Tips to Help Add Instant Flavor


When deciding which form of dehydrated onion and garlic to use, here are some rules of thumb to remember: If instant flavor is the main consideration, the powdered form is the best choice.

This type is also particularly helpful in correcting the seasoning in any dish. When visibility and texture are desired, the minced, chopped or sliced products are the best choice.

In long-cooking dishes such as soups or stews, the larger particles are preferred, whether or not texture is important. And in these dishes, where ample liquid is present, the dehydrated products may be added straight from the container. They will rehydrate sufficiently as the dish cooks.


In all other dishes, rehydrate them by mixing with equal parts of water and allowing to stand at least 10 minutes before use. It should be understood that rehydrating, whether using the powdered or minced form, will increase flavor potency.

This is particularly true of powdered garlic. When a full-bodied garlic flavor is desired, the dehydrated garlic should always be mixed with water first, and it should stand at least 10 minutes before being used.