$20-Million Medical Building Opens on Site of First Drive-in

The $20-million, 115,000-square-foot Sunset/Vermont Medical Arts building opened early this month at 4700 Sunset Blvd., a Hollywood site that in 1930 was the location of the state's first drive-in restaurant.

Leases for 30% of the six-story building have been signed or are under negotiation, according to a spokesman for the developer, a joint venture between the Duntley Trusts and Ted Taylor.

Ground floor tenants include Rosemont Drug Co., Frame-N-Lens Optical, Hollywood Presbyterian Radiology Center and a Denny's Restaurant. The pioneer drive-in--The Pig Stand Drive-In--operated until 1957, when the owners of the property, the Harley Kovall family, leased the site to Norm's Drive-In.

The building and an adjacent six-story, 500-car parking structure were designed by the Feola/Deenihan Partnership, Glendale. The building is near the Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles, Kaiser Permanente and the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center.

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