'No Watergate for the Media'

It is certainly not surprising to see the unapologetic article by Price defending the Nixon Administration's policies of anti-constitutional governance.

The preposterous claim that the media attention to the cover-up was responsible for the U.S. debacle in Vietnam and might be held to blame in the coming debacle in Central America must, however, be exposed as a self-serving delusion.

The Imperial Presidency imagined by President Nixon and successfully articulated by President Reagan has led to the executive branch's contemptuous treatment of the American people and our representatives, the free press.

Appearing as it did on a page facing several letters decrying the brutal murder of Ben Linder of Oregon by contra puppets of this Administration, Price's outlandish statement helps to visualize the true distance between the interests of the United States and the actions of the Reagan Administration.

The actual price of the Reagan policy in Central America and its sleazy implementation by covert functionaries will be the sure knowledge that American governments will lie about any policy that is seen to be expedient.

What greater harvest of shame could be imagined, even from an Administration consisting of the likes of James Watt, Ray Donovan, Donald Hodel, Edwin Meese and Ronald Reagan, than that they require defense in the same mode as the most thoroughly discredited American Administration in history?


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