Last week Robert Hilburn argued that the "Sgt. Pepper" LP--despite remaining a "landmark work"--is not the Beatles' best album because it is weighted down by seven songs that "represent the longest stretch of mediocre material" the group ever recorded. Calendar letter writers were not pleased--by a 9-1 ratio.

Bravo Bob!!! I couldn't agree more.

For years I just couldn't see why people singled out such a mediocre album as the greatest Beatles LP ever. It just doesn't stand the test of time.

Unlike most Beatles fans, I'm objective enough to admit that for every one truly great Beatles song (and there are many), there were two or three clunkers.

With very few exceptions, the goose that laid the golden tunes for Lennon/McCartney and company died long before "Sgt. Pepper" taught the band to play.



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