If Rick Patterson wins a Clio (advertising's Oscar) at the annual NYC awards show June 15--he has four of six nominations in radio scoring, won last year by Herbie Hancock--he'll get more than a trophy. He just signed a $500,000 deal to score a package of syndicated radio promotion music--calling for a bonus of $500,000 if he cops the Clio.

At 36, the Cardiff-by-the-Sea resident's already won two Clios, with 34 nominations. He's also done a bit of film and TV scoring--no Oscar or Emmy nominations--and claims to be the "highest paid scorer in history" with his latest contract.

"This (radio scoring) is a very high-pressure business," Patterson told us. "Clios are awarded in part for things that are assigned, written, orchestrated, recorded and shipped within 24 hours. I don't think TV and motion pictures compare, frankly."

He plans a more leisurely pace for his latest assignment: 20 minutes of music that radio stations will be able to use any way they wish, for which Patterson hopes to employ the London Symphony Orchestra.

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