Letters in VIEW : A Peanut Farmer's Rules to Live By

As reported in the May 20 View ("Carters Survive Trial by Writing" by Elizabeth Mehren), Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter's book on health in the second half of life includes rules such as not smoking, not drinking to excess, fastening seat belts, and "so forth."

Wow. Heavy. I can't wait to buy the book to be blessed with their other esoteric "rules," which no doubt include items such as don't walk in front of speeding cars, get out of your house as quickly as possible when it's on fire, don't play with loaded guns, keep rat poison bottles out of the medicine cabinet, don't try to breathe while swimming under water, and other sagacious gems of wisdom.

With a mind full of such sharp, perspicacious and incisive advice, is it any wonder that Jim Boy's presidency was such a roaring success? It makes you wonder how the United States, and the world, survived from 1977 to 1980.


San Ramon

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