Dodgers Can't Expect to Get Back to the Top by Not Making Waves

The Dodgers need a new head and Tommy Lasorda may be it. Along came Tim Raines when Al Campanis was in charge. Our team management was not interested, apparently willing to sacrifice to help put a stop to the inflation caused by free-agent movement.

Campanis and Raines are both gone now, and it's time for the Dodgers to face the facts.

The team needs to get its priorities in order, from the trainer to the owner, not just the players.

Do we suppose that Jerry Buss and Jerry West got the Lakers where they are by acting in concert with other owners to avoid making waves? If Branch Rickey had thought that way, another team would have ended up with Jackie Robinson. Does anybody think that Al Davis, Red Auerbach and other engineers of the great sports dynasties put their clubs together out of a desire to help less fortunate owners?

As it stands, the spirit of the Dodgers makes me fear that we will not return to greatness until management policy results in sufficient fan disaffection to hurt the owner in the pocketbook. A sad thought.

As a Dodger fan, I hope and believe that Tommy Lasorda's competitive urge would have made him drool over Tim Raines. Tommy's greatest service to the team now may be to go upstairs and manage player personnel with the passion for victory he shows on the field.



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