Producer Saperstein, referring to the ongoing controversy of the colorization of original black-and-white films, castigates those artists he calls self-appointed auteurs who claim creative involvement on their motion pictures.

Saperstein labels creative talent as mere employees, as well as a bunch of hypocrites who fail to give producers a day’s work for a day’s pay.

Based on Saperstein’s past record and experience as a “producer” of films, it is puzzling what makes him believe he should sit in judgment of auteurship and creativity?!

For the record, the following titles summarize Saperstein’s film credentials:


“War of the Gargantuas,” “Invasion of the Astros,” and “What’s Up Tiger Lily.” This trio was simply purchased for U.S. distribution by Saperstein from their original Japanese producers. The balance of Saperstein’s contributions to the entertainment industry and primarily TV cartoons, including “Mr. Magoo.”

The 40 years Saperstein claims he spent in the business, unfortunately, add up to a minimal amount of experience of the film industry.


Beverly Hills


Saperstein, who says “it’s been his pleasure to employ hundreds of expert craftsmen in the industry and to fight for their recognition,” reminds for the record that he also was the producer of “Gay Purr-ee” with Judy Garland, executive producer of “Hell in the Pacific” with Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune, the financier of “The TAMI Show” and executive producer of the “classic” “Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol.”