Several More Readers Speak Strongly in Defense of the Reputation of ZZZZ Best's Barry Minkow

Your recent article regarding Barry Minkow ("Behind 'Whiz Kid' Is a Trail of False Credit Card Billings," May 22) was most distressing.

I've known this outstanding young man for three years and find him to be the epitome of honesty, integrity and character.

Being visible now makes him vulnerable. He has explained to the satisfaction of all who know him and has corrected the wrongdoings of others. Certainly he can do no more than that. Your reporter knew this going in, and instead of commending this young man on his handling of the situation, chose to attack him.

Minkow is a positive role model for young people, who certainly need what he has to offer. This motivated young man had a dream and turned it into reality. How many 21-year-olds have the strength and determination to follow through?

I am proud to know Barry and would venture to say he will lead us to a brighter future, light the way instead of reaching for the switch.


Beverly Hills

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