Constitution's Bicentennial

I agree heartily with most of Gore Vidal's analytical article, but I disagree that a convention should be held. I see a constitutional convention as a total disaster for what few rights we now retain after 200 years of eroding what once was there.

It was interesting, however, Vidal so eloquently stated the problems posed by the far right wingers who would destroy our rights by creating a Bill of Wrongs, yet he neglected to note the assault on the Bill of Rights by the would-be tyrants of the far left who crusade obsessively for the destruction of other portions of the Bill of Rights.

I refer specifically to the efforts of the far left elitists who seek to destroy the Second Amendment, which guarantees the people the right to keep and bear arms. (No matter how you slice it, folks, people did not mean military and police, in 1787. People meant people.)

The Founding Fathers knew well that man's human nature ultimately demands ultimate power over others. The Second Amendment was written by them to make certain the people always had the means to prevent a tyrannical dictatorship, no matter its ideology. To rip this amendment from the Bill of Rights would necessitate the establishment of a Gestapoesque/KGBesque National Police Force with confiscation/incarceration/search and seizure powers that would have made even Hitler and Stalin drool with envy.

Vidal quotes Thomas Jefferson, "What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms ." Vidal wonders if there are many patriots left in our country. Yes, I think millions. And he correctly states that the tyrants are very much in place. Both on the left and the right. But as long as the people in this country are armed, tyrants shall not be able to impose a dictatorship, such as has happened in so many countries throughout history where the people were disarmed by their "benevolent leaders."


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