Fawn Hall’s Testimony

Regarding all the hoopla about Fawn Hall’s appearance at the hearings--how she looked, how she spoke, and especially what she wore!

What about the fact that she, like the other witnesses so far, have dared to wrap themselves in the American flag, posing as patriots in a series of actions that have been self-serving and to say the least, outrageously dishonest?

It is this audacity that is outrageous--the whole contra/Iran affair is an infuriating piece of contempt for the American people, for our democracy itself. What is vital is not the conduct but the concept of their behavior.

They belong behind bars, all of them, from the President on down. Impeachment is too good for a group that acts against the interests of the vast number of American citizens in secretly promoting and financing a war against foreign countries that have offered no danger to us in any way--except that socialism offers a possible threat to the profit system that is now in control of our country.


Whether or not one agrees with this concept, it is extremely irritating to see the hearings trivialized and the real issue ignored. One hopes that the future hearings will display more integrity.


Los Angeles