53 . . . and Counting

With regard to "The Fawning of America" (by Nikki Finke, June 11), I also find the sensationalized coverage of Fawn Hall very distasteful, as I find most coverage of national and international news distasteful. As it happens, people of good taste are becoming increasingly disenchanted by the antics of our elected officials, their appointees and employees.

However, my point in writing is in reference to Mickey Kantor's assertions that "if she (Fawn Hall) had been 53 years old and dowdy, no one would have cared."

Talk about trivializing women! Does he mean that her actions and testimony would have little consequence if she were 53 due to his conclusion that women depreciate with the years? Do we cease to be viable persons at 53? Does being 53 automatically condemn one to dowdiness.

Let's give the class of 1951 a break, Mr. Kantor. By the way, how old is he . . . in his trendy 20s, tired 30s, fatigued 40s, or is he perhaps enjoying one of life's treasured time slots--the fabulous 50s?



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