I want to commend Don Shirley for his review of the play "Kvetch" at the Odyssey Theatre (" 'Kvetch' Revisited--A Sideline View," June 3).

I have been annoyed innumerable times by reviewers who sit in fifth-row-center seats and rave to their readers about the quality of the sound and the lighting. I have often gone to these same plays and found it difficult to see or hear from where I was seated.

I have often wished that all critics would attend and review a performance twice--the first time after sitting in the cheapest seats, and the second time after sitting in the best. It is my belief that they would often feel that they have seen two different plays.

I hope that Shirley and his colleagues will address it more often. It should certainly be brought to the attention of directors and actors.

Perhaps it will explain to them why there is frequent coughing and seat shuffling during a performance.


Los Angeles

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