San Diego

Six men posing as a musical group held a studio engineer at gunpoint in Kearny Mesa while they stole nearly $250,000 worth of recording equipment Thursday, police said.

The engineer was shackled in a bathroom in MixMasters Recording Studio, 4877 Mercury St., while the men took microphones, amplifiers, tape machines, and a half-ton, nine-foot-wide recording console, said Garth Hedin, the manager of the studio. "They have enough equipment to set up a real nice studio," he said.

Hedin said the men booked and paid for recording time at midnight Thursday and showed up carrying guns in their guitar cases. It took them about three hours to remove the equipment, and they took nearly everything, Hedin said.

It will probably take at least two weeks for the studio to get back in business. "Right now I'm frantically trying to get a hold of studios in town and trying to farm out as much of the work as I can," Hedin said.

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